About the Artist

Custom Jewelry Designer from Newport Beach, California


Cynthia DeBaun
Thank you for your interest in my designs, and for viewing some of the pieces showcased on this site.

“One should be a work of art, or, wear one.”
– Oscar Wilde

I feel the most important accessory a woman can wear, which will complement not just her outfit, but her personality, her uniqueness, and her individuality, is jewelry.

Every individual style is an important expression that lets the world see who we are. Rachel Zoe’s quote, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

And what better way to express that voice, but through the jewelry we choose to adorn ourselves with.

It can say, “I am bold and daring”, “I am casual, and simple”, “I am whimsical and adventurous”, or, “I am quiet, and reserved”. There are as many expressions to choose from as there are individuals who claim them.

I love to help give that voice to women through my various designs, or custom made pieces. My greatest rewards and deepest growth, both as a woman and as an artist, comes through connecting women with their best self-expression.



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